Our story

As a teenager I used to be fascinated watching people have their hair done at my local barbershop and never felt impatient waiting my turn as this time was always spent trying to understand how they were using the tools or listening to the lingo. As soon as I returned home I would try my best to replicate what I had just seen on my normallly unwilling brother. Those were my first few experiences picking up the scissors. At 19 I found my first opportunity to get my foot in the door to becoming a professional barber. It was an apprentice position at what was at the time a very busy and highly regarded Moroccan barbershop (then known as "Kroumi Kuts"). My enthusiasm to learn my craft and progress through the ranks didn't go unnoticed and within a year I was managing the shop. In my early years I also spent some time at an Italian barbers called "Capones" well known for its passion for all things male grooming. 
What happened next was a step into the unknown...In October 09 and barely 22 I opened my very own gentlemens barbershop "Barbershop By A.J.H" (now High Street Barbers) in Westbury, Wiltshire. A small but friendly close knit town. With a shoestring budget I knew I just had to knuckle down and let the haircuts do the talking. With zero put into advertising new customers were solely the result of great referrals from others they trusted. It grew so fast we had a team of 3 within 18 months. By the end of 2014 I felt I had taken the shop to limit of what was possible for a small town and that my ambitions in barbering had outgrown my surroundings...

In my spare time I began to work on a new concept of barbering. I knew it would need to incorporate everything I had learnt as well as expanding on that platform I had already built. I dedicated months to every detail of the store design. Everything had to be perfect to me. Even the original logo was thrown out after weeks of work only to start the process all over again.
I wanted to create the perfect setting, somewhere that the barber could showcase their craft and that the customer would feel relaxed and entertained. A place that customers had the feeling that someone understands exactly what they wanted. I knew from the start that Sharpfellas was never going to appeal to everyone, only those that truly wanted the very best that the barbering trade had to offer.
Yeovil was hand picked as the ideal location to start my new mission. With the town having a great mix of independent businesses and house hold names alike, it was very important to me to have the Sharpfellas name amongst well known and established brands. And in September 2016 Sharpfellas opened its doors ready to serve the lovely people of Yeovil, Somerset.

A lot of you reading this will be horrified to find out (I know I was) that unlike most professions, the hairdressing industry is not regulated. This means it has become common place now days for a lot of barbers to be working in shops with absolutely no formal education or qualifications at all. At Sharpfellas we only ever consider barbers with barbering or hairdressing qualifications and satisfactory shop floor experience. We want to help educate the customer of this and to let them experience the difference between an average Barber and a Sharpfellas Master Barber, by extending my brand of Great British Barbering into new locations. As we grow and move forward we also only intend to use or promote other businesses who's own values either match our own or inspire us to improve. 
I invite you to join us in this in journey to make barbering better and you can rest assured every person that visits us is helping to raise barbering standards.
And remember gentlemen, you are only as good as your last haircut. 

Ash Humphries 
Founder & Director
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